Readings - Angels, Ancestors & Animals

Heather usually talks to your Spirit Guides during your reading. They’re able to pass on clarity about any issues – including romance, finance, business, health, family, etc. Heather can also connect with the Ascended Masters & the Angelic Realm to give powerful insights into your life.

Heather is also a Medium. Mediumship is the ability to speak with deceased loved-ones/ Ancestors. They often bring messages of love, healing, and guidance to you from the Other Side.

Heather is a highly experienced and accurate Animal Communicator. She volunteered at the RSPCA for 7+ years. She can connect you with your animals, whether they are living or passed-over, and discuss any issue from health to happiness. She can also connect with missing animals.

Reiki & Space Clearing

Heather has been attuned to the Reiki energy since 2001. She is a powerful and sensitive Usui Reiki Master Healer & Teacher, who can help bring your body into balance. As she’s also clairvoyant, she receives messages about your health while she’s doing the Reiki treatment – so it’s like a 2-for-1 bonus!

Reiki is a Universal healing energy which is gentle, powerful & safe. It’s proven to be scientifically effective. It’s used in hospitals & care facilities all over the world. Reiki is relaxing & energising.

Read the Reiki FAQ’s for more information about treatments.

Reiki Attunements

You can become attuned to Reiki yourself. In just one day, you can have access to Reiki for the rest of your life.

Heather offers attunements to all levels of Usui Reiki upon application – Level I, Level II, Level III/ Master Practitioner, & also Master Teacher.

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Space Clearing

Heather can come to your home or business and give you a detailed energy reading of the buildings and land. Often this involves details around underlying energies that may be inhibiting personal or professional growth. Heather will  clear any unhelpful energetic debris to make room for new energies to flow in.


After having their spaces cleared, businesses have reported increased customer flow/ turnover, & households have noticed an upturn in harmony & health. It’ll be lighter, brighter and clearer. It’s a ‘Spiritual spring clean!’ 🙂

Events: Workshops, Markets & Festivals


Heather is able to deliver a series of workshops about Metaphysics, including: Animal Communication (a wonderful ‘How To -‘ for animal lovers/ workers); Psychic Development in the New Energy (great for newbies wanting to work with their Intuitive Skills); Connecting with Your Spirit Guides (self-explanatory!); and the latest updates and upgrades of Consciousness in the masterclass workshop called ‘Playing in the Field’ (see the slightly dodgy promo video below).

Heather has a Bachelor of Education, and worked for years in various classrooms, so she’s good at teaching stuff to people. Her workshops are well-structured, compassionate, full of practical exercises – and fun!



While in Melbourne, Heather often had a stall at the various psychic/ healers markets. They were always busy, interesting days doing Reiki, Readings, and PlatformHeather can now be found doing the markets in Brisbane. (Well, I was before CV-19 came along!)

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Heather is available to deliver workshops, and do Readings, or Reiki healing at festivals. She’s worked and volunteered at many festivals, including the Woodford Folk Festival, Seven Sisters, Confest, Rainbow Serpent, Earth Frequency, Being Woman, etc.
She’s always loved the depth and sacredness that can come from events where the whole vibe is about consciousness-raising within a loving, supportive community. Plus it’s lots of fun! 🙂

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Platform & Parties


Platform ‘demonstrations’ are where Heather stands in front of an audience and delivers individual messages. This technique is also called ‘Overhead‘. (Both are silly names, if you ask me, but that’s what they’re called!) Think along the lines of John Edward on ‘Crossing Over’, but Heather delivers it differently to him: she always gets the person first and then the message.

Heather usually gets messages from your Spirit Guides, but Ascended Masters, Ancestors/ deceased loved-ones or animals may also come through.

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You can also book Heather for private Platform events, where the audience is made up of your friends and family.

Psychic Parties

Heather can come to your venue and do individual Readings for your guests. The Readings are fast, accurate, and a great way to kick-start a fun night. Heather has done Readings at heaps of Hen’s Nights, Christmas parties, Corporate events, and birthday parties.

She can also be booked for: Bridal showers, Kitchen teas, Baby showers, High teas, Corporate functions, Birthday parties, ‘Girl’s Nights In’, Dinner parties, Christmas parties, Staff parties, Halloween, Fundraisers, etc.


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Heather is a Reiki Master member of IICT.

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