Frequently Asked Questions:

I’m scared to get a reading. What if you tell me I’m going to die?
They’ll never tell you that you’re going to die. And they never tell you anything ‘bad’ or negative. The messages always come full of love and compassion, joy and good humour. They will be honest and direct. They often come with suggestions for moving forward, if that’s what’s needed.


What kind of questions can you ask in a reading?
Any topic is ‘on the table’ for a reading. Love, finance, business, relationships, health, life purpose, career, etc.
The only thing I’m not allowed to do is to sneak into another person’s head-space. So if you’re asking about how someone else feels about a situation, expect to get very little information. The only time they’ll allow this, is if it’s your child or a close partner that you’re asking about. And even then, the information will be limited. (I think of it like reading someone else’s mail without their permission!) Other than that, any topic is fine.


What if I don’t have any questions, but feel like I want a reading?
That’s great. You can also ask for ‘general guidance’ if you like. Then they will choose the agenda for the meeting, so to speak.


What if I don’t have any messages?
I’ve never read for anyone who didn’t have any messages. There’s always something. It’s a bit like finally ringing up an old friend – there’s always more to chat about than you think. 😉


How do I know it’s real?
Trust your gut instinct on this one. If you’re a bit unsure, they’ll often give you some concrete information to make sure that you know that it’s coming from a Higher Source, so then you can relax and openly receive your messages.


How do I know you’re legit?
Again, trust your gut. You can also read some of the testimonials from people I’ve worked with. It takes a lot of training, practice and courage to do this work well, especially in a culture which doesn’t acknowledge the legitimacy of spirituality. If you’re open (and even if you’re kinda not), you’ll soon realise that what falls out of my mouth is accurate.
It’s also important to note that no psychic is 100% accurate in any reading. We need to take into account the energy of the day as well as the reader’s own personal bias. It’s really important that you use your discernment in all areas of your life. Trust your own instinct about what feels right, both when choosing a reader and within a reading itself.


Who do you talk to?
It depends on the reading, but often I work with people’s Spirit Guides. I also chat to the elementals, the Angelics, Ascended Masters, the Ancestors, passed-on loved ones, and animals. I think of all of these as your ‘invisible back-stage crew’. They are your entourage of Spiritual helpers whose job it is to assist and support you throughout your life.


What do you do?
I channel messages from the Other Side to you. This means that I raise my vibration to meet with theirs, and then let you know what they show me and tell me. I often describe it as being a bit like tuning into different radio stations.


How do you do it?
I use my ESP skills – clairvoyance (clear sight), clairaudience (clear hearing), clairsentience (clear senses) and claircognizance (clear knowing). The Spirit Guides, etc. use all of my skills to pass on the messages as clearly as possible to you. Often they’ll use a combination of senses; so I’ll be given some images, a feeling and some phrases at the same time.


How long do I need?
Trust your gut on this one. I work in either 30-, 60-, or 90-minute slots (or 15-minutes at the psychic fairs/ markets). Sometimes I’ll get a feeling about how long is necessary.  Think of it like if you haven’t checked your messages for a while, there might be a backlog, so you’ll need more time. If you’ve never had a reading they usually have a lot to say – as well as being very happy that you’ve decided to get in touch.


How do I get the most out of my reading?
Be open to what you’re going to get – and come with an open mind and an open heart. Your messages will flow a lot more easily if you think of a reading a bit like a conversation. Confirming information (where relevant) for the reader will help even more information come to you. And, just like if you were asking advice from a friend about a situation, if you have specific questions you want answered, feel free to simply ask them!


Can you talk to my great Grandma?
Yes. Mediumship is the skill of being able to speak with those who have passed over. They will give you clear indication that it’s ‘really them’ that we’re talking to. They often come with a great deal of love and healing.
It doesn’t matter if they didn’t speak English, as they will talk to me in my mother tongue.
Please allow a period of time to pass if you want to speak to someone who has recently deceased. They need some time to adjust to being back at Home and to re-learn how to talk through someone like me. Also, you need to allow space for the natural process of grieving for yourself.


What happens if the person I’m trying to communicate with isn’t there?
This hasn’t happened. I’ve always been able to connect with the loved-one/ deceased animal that you want to chat to. I do know, however, that it is possible for them to pass messages on through an envoy if needed. (It’s a bit like talking to your friend’s flatmate if they’re out.) Sometimes your loved-ones don’t have a great deal to say, but this is a good sign that things are going well for them and for you.


Can you talk to my cat/ dog/ horse/ budgie?
Yes. I have talked with many animals over the years. I volunteered at the RSPCA for over seven years and learned a lot of skills from the animals there. It doesn’t matter if your pet is alive or has passed over. It’s a great honour to be able to give a voice to those who we think of as being voiceless.


Have you always been psychic?
Looking back now, I can see that some experiences I had growing up were really psychic experiences, but I didn’t know it at the time. I wasn’t raised in a family that has an understanding of metaphysical principles, so it’s been an interesting journey to get to where I am now. It’s taken a lot of learning, practice, good teachers, courage, and humour to get me here.

I now know that we’re all inherently psychic and that using our innate intelligence – our Higher Self or ‘smart body’ – for guidance is more common than you think.


Reiki FAQ's

What is Reiki?
Reiki is a particular frequency of healing energy. It translates to: Universal Life Force. It’s subtle and powerful.


How does it work?
The Reiki healer taps into this Universal healing energy and allows it to flow through them into you. Reiki has its own intelligence, so it will go wherever it’s needed most in your body; it needs no guidance from the healer. There are a number of traditional hand positions used, which basically align with the seven major chakras.


What does Reiki help with?
Reiki can help with pretty much anything. Reiki harmonises any disharmonious energy in the body. It will allow the space for balance in your body. You’ll be left feeling clearer and lighter and often with that floaty feeling, like you get after a massage. Reiki can also ease transitions with terminal people/ animals.


Do I have to get naked?
No. Reiki is a clothed treatment (comfy clothes are best). Often a massage table is used by the practitioner, but you don’t get naked and there’s no oil involved. It’s mostly a hands-on treatment, but some work can take place away from the body as well. I often work in your energy bodies, so sometimes my hands aren’t gently placed on you, but are working in the areas around you. 🙂

Feel free to drop me a line with any other questions you’d like to see answered here.

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