Psychic, Medium, & Reiki Master

Readings & Reiki

Heather is a Psychic Medium. She’ll talk to the members of your Spiritual team, including your Spirit Guides, your Ancestors, or the Angelics.

She’s an Animal Communicator. She’ll talk to your Animals/ pets.

And she’s a Reiki Master Teacher/ Healer.

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Merchandise & Meditations

Heather has created some Merchandise. T-shirts, pillows, hats, mugs, and more. They’re funky, powerful, and fun!

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You can also buy her Chakra Balance Meditation to help you easily align all of your main chakras. Instant download. On sale now! 

Monthly Energy Readings

Heather does Monthly Energy Readings on YouTube. She uses Oracle cards and channells messages for you from her Team of Spiritual helpers. They’re full of useful tips for navigating the energies we’re in.

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2024 is a pivotal year. Here's a short snippet overview.

Here’s a short excerpt that shows you How to tune into your Inner Guidance and make decisions from your heart. Have a look! 🙂 

This excerpt has a special meditation upgrade – and is 5:55mins long! Tee hee hee… 😉

 Heather channels when she does Readings and Reiki treatments.

People have described her as accurate, powerful, gentle, and honest. (And funny… Did I mention funny?)

Haha! 😉 🙂 😀

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