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This t-shirt icon will take you to my Threadless Merchandise Shop.

Threadless is a Print-on-demand service with a sustainable supply chain.

Go get ’em, space monkeys! 🙂 

This is my Redbubble Shop link. You’ll find more great Merchandise there with good postage for Oz & NZ in particular. (Also worldwide)

I’m still uploading all my designs there, but go check it out. Buy something nice for yourself or a friend. 😉 

I found a new local POD site called The T-shirt Mill.

It only has one design so far, but it was the only place that has a pink tank top that wasn’t racer-back. I know you hear me, ladies! (what is it with racer-backs?!) 😀


This powerful guided meditation will easily balance and align each of your main chakras. You will be gently led through each chakra, allowing more energy to flow and any blockages to be released.

​Professionally-recorded with accompanying bespoke music, this 12:56 minute meditation will harmonise and balance your energy.

And it’s on sale now!

Payhip will email you the MP3 immediately for you to enjoy. ​Yaay! 🙂

There are more meditations and other exciting things to come!
Watch this space... 🙂

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